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MediaFire has been around for several years now. Many people who love to store and share links online use this platform because of the many benefits it offers. MediaFire gives a person an opportunity to share different types of media such as photos, songs, documents, and videos. The platform supports more than 200 different format. Sharing your media files has never been this easy. The platform developers made it easy for people to link with people on social media platform easily. By clicking on a button, your content can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. The platform offers a person 50GB free space where you can back up all the important documents and retrieve them anywhere in the world. MediaFire is a secure platform therefore; do not worry when storing some sensitive documents on their servers.

MediaFire software supports several operating system platforms that we use every day. The desktop version supports Windows, OSX for Mac. Mobile device operating systems such as Android and iOS are also supported. You can always use your phone to get different documents or media files from the MediaFire servers. Statistics show that more than 150 million people visit MediaFire to use its services. MediaFire has made life easy for professionals to organize their files and other personal data.

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    👍 Your Mediafire premium link generator tool is free ?
    Yes. Our Mediafire premium link generator is free, fast and unlimited!
    ❓ With this Mediafire premium leech, can I download at full download speed ?
    Yes. You can download at 100% full speed from
    🔺 This Mediafire premium leech has any file size limit ?
    No. Our downloader has unlimited file size.
    🔻 Is there any limit regarding number of premium links can I generate ?
    No. You can generate unlimited links from